A few weeks ago my mother gave me my grandmother’s engagement ring because it no longer fit her own finger.  My mother’s fingers had become arthritic with age.  She can’t open a jar or thread a needle.  Her hands looked the way I remembered my grandmother’s own hands.  My mother said that my grandmother had been proud of her hands and took good care of her nails.  She said my grandmother would have liked to see me wear the ring because I had such nice hands.  I remembered visiting my grandmother in the nursing home and giving her manicures.  She would comment on how I should take better care of my own nails.  So, I tried with varying degrees of success.

Doing handwork helps me keep my nails in good shape.  Already, there are rings in my jewelry box that no longer fit.  I expect that the day will come that my hands will swell and my fingers twist.   But meanwhile, I am grateful for these hands – hands that can still knit, spin and type.


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